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Conferences, Meetings and Workshops in 2018

  • Topics in Ring Theory, a CIMPA Research School

Venue: AIMS Cape Town

Dates: 16-28 July 2018

Website: http://ringtheory2018capetown.webatu.com/

Registration deadline: 25 March 2018

  • Workshop on Algebraic Graph Theory and Complex Networks 2018

Venue: Aula Scipione Bobbio, University of Naples Federico II
Dates: 13-14 September 2018
Website:  http://www.dma.unina.it/ocsuser/ocs/index.php/WAGTCN/2018
Registration deadline: 5 September 2018

Conferences, Meetings and Workshops in 2017

  • Workshop on Topology and Topological Groups

Venue: AIMS of Muizenberg
Dates: 6-7 December 2017
Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/topolalgeb/home/conferences/wttg-2017

Hosted by UCT Mathematics and Applied Maths

  • The MPDE annual conference (recently at Osnabruck, Turin , Niteroi and Marseille) is a vibrant meeting point for theory and experimentation in ecology.

    UCT Mathematics and UCT Physics hosted the Annual Conference of the MPDE.
    UCT Organizer: Dr Henri Laurie (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)

    Venue: Workshop 17 (The Waterfront)
    Date: 4 - 8 September 2017

    Details:  http://math_research.uct.ac.za/mpde2017/